Poker Strategy: Poker Strategy to Beat Any Level

Poker strategy is a strategy used in poker to maximize profits. Since poker is played by humans and everyone is unique there is no one poker strategy that fits every type of game you can, and you have to adjust your strategy to optimize. Poker strategy can include a wide range of topics, I will try to list them all here and teach you a poker strategy.

For the micro stakes you should use a strategy similar to the following. This strategy is very tight and very aggressive. This is because the micro stakes that everyone is playing are very loose and a lot of hands down the optimal hands we are playing with the value of a lot of our hands. Here is a poker strategy which you can use for micro stacks or against loose passive / calling stations situs poker.

From early position play optimal hands such as AQ + TT +. From the middle position you should play all the early plus middle pairs and the AJ, from the late position you should play all the above plus small pairs, the suited connectors and the suited aces. Whenever you flop hands bet them hard and slow play hands because they will call too many weaker hands, this also means never bluff. If you flop hard, you just check / fold.

That will be your ABC poker strategy and it is pretty much essential for learning micro stakes and any other limit. Your opponents are getting tougher and somehow starting to know how you are playing. This is because our ABC poker strategy is very aggressive and see through. These are the types of players that we are looking at.

By playing tight they know that we are the only ones with premium premium so they will start with more pots. So how are we going to count? We will do this by opening up our range with a little more hands playing than it really is.

Our opponents give us respect and our bluffs will be very successful. Keep doing this until you can get away with it, not too much though. So when they catch on they will be bluffing which is good so now your table image has changed from tight to lose. Now they wont know what you have. If you think they are catching up on its best, then you have your hands on your image again and start showing down. So for low limits / middle we need to change our poker strategy to guard our opponents.

Now they are doing what they need to do but living in the high limits. So to beat the higher limits, you need to adjust your poker strategy a bit as well. Higher limit players are thinking players. You’ll have to try your hardest to be one player ahead of them.

Level 0 is my cards
Level 1 is what he does
Level 2 is what he thinks I have
Level 3 is what he thinks I have
and so on

You can do this by playing fast, adjusting table image, playing the same hands differently each time you get them, just anything that you can do so they don’t get a read on you.
I hope this article has helped you with your poker strategy.

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